Cherry Tree High Comedy Club


Will you get enough recruits for the comedy club?


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Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a conversational adventure in which your objective will be to recruit enough members for your high school's comedy club. At the beginning of the game you only have the protagonist and her friend, so you need to get at least three more.

How do you get new people to join the club? Very simple: by talking to them. You'll have a limited amount of time before registration for the club is closed; in that time you must participate in many different activities with other students and town citizens.

Gameplay is similar to the relationship system you find on Person 3 and Person 4. You'll have to know how to behave with each different person in order to make them your friends and then convince them to join your club.

The game's graphics, as can be seen in the images, are not amazing, but are well-designed. Manga fans will be happy, because some of the illustrations are really well made.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is a fun adventure game that comes with good characters and an original gameplay which hasn't been used much on PC's.

You have until March 26th (in the game) to recruit friends.

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